I was born  in Barcelona in May 27, 1987, a generation I’m very proud to belong to. However, I have my roots in the most extraordinary place in the earth, A Coruña, Galicia. In 1992, my parents, of Ferrol origins, were able to return home.

I grew up surrounded by a green landscape and full of color, with an unique aroma,   thanks to combination of this unique placement and proximity of the sea, which The sea has been part of my life from the beginning, allowing me to enjoy its beauty and strength whenever I could.

Since childhood I’ve loved sport. Bodyboarding, swimming, tennis, mountain bike, climbing ... these are some of the sports I've practiced (I've always had a slight tendency to extreme sports, it always said my mother...), but for many years I threw myself into competitive dancesport. Another of my hobbies are cars and motorbikes, the pure power and the speed, I love it. 

Sincerely, I was never a model student, but I survived. After my undergraduate studies, I decided to focus my future on a completely unknown world to me, the hospitality industry. I studied Management in the Hotel Business College, a career that has given me knowledge and great experiences.

Throughout my life I've met a lot of people, I've lived unforgettable experiences, like everyone, of course; but I can boast of having really good friends, honest and always shown me support, some consider them as brothers.

Tenerife, Malta, Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Pirineo, Sevilla, Madeira... I have known these places thoroughly, since I've lived there during the periods I had to work in the differents hotels where I can learn the profession. Sometimes,  I have the feeling of having friends in every corner of the planet.

In addition to sports, I love traveling, movies, good music (without discriminating any style) and enjoy pleasant company. 

During university years, in 2008 to be more precise, I discovered photography (in addition to snowboarding, one of my favourite sports). I consider it an extremely enjoyable hobby, it helps me unwind and record how I see the world.

Welcome to my way of seeing the world.


Miguel Naya


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